Pays Rhin Vignoble Grand Ballon
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Summary for experienced hikers

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22 results

Hiking route: Tour of Murbach Small Valley

670 m Half-day 14 Km
This itinerary is for experienced hikers in good physical condition. Discover the small valley of Murbach and its famous abbey which held political,...

2-day hiking circuit: Rimbach - Hartmannswillerkopf - Hirtzenstein

1520 m 2 days / 1 night 29 Km
This beautiful hike, ideally done in 2 days, offers the possibility of going through several farm inns, enjoying magnificent panoramas and immersing...

Hiking route: Guebwiller – Grand Ballon

953 m All day 23 Km
This hike takes you to Grand Ballon, the highest peak of the Vosges mountains, which rises up to 1,424 metres. From this pass, if the weather is...

Hiking route 2 days: Tour of Grand Ballon and Petit Ballon

1611 m 2 days / 1 night 40,2 Km
This itinerant hike allows you to discover, in the space of two days, some of the most interesting routes in the Guebwiller region and the Markstein...

Hiking in the Alsace region: 3-day tour of the Grand Ballon

2153 m 3 days / 2 nights 55,7 Km
If you are a sporty person with a sense of adventure, take part in the 3-day Tour du Grand Ballon hiking event. With a distance of 55 km and...

Hiking route: Brun Monument – Grand Ballon – Brun Monument

830 m All day 16 Km
This hike will bring you to Grand Ballon, the highest peak of the Vosges mountains, rising up to 1,424 metres. From this pass, if the weather is...
Soultz Haut Rhin

Hiking route: Glashütte, route of Grand Ballon

590 m Half-day 12 Km
A relatively difficult hike that remains nonetheless accessible to most. Starting from an already relatively high altitude, it offers beautiful views...

2-day hiking circuit: Osenbach - Petit Ballon tour

1216 m 2 days / 1 night 29,7 Km
This itinerant hike allows you to discover an incredible variety of landscape, meadows, vines, forests, stubble and viewpoints in two days of...
Goldbach Altenbach

Hiking trail to climb the Grand Ballon - trail or hike

1231 m Half-day 13,5 Km
The route starts from the Place Clémenceau in Willer-sur-Thur and then goes to the campsite, passes behind the ponds and leads to the place called...

Hiking or trail circuit: Tour of the 4 quarries

745 m Half-day 16 Km
Without a doubt, one of the most beautiful loops from Guebwiller! Gathering everything that is most aesthetic and technical in terms of single...
Le Markstein

Inns tour - snowshoeing in Markstein

232 m Half-day 8 Km Adults (individuals), Families, Groups
This 8km snowshoe circuit starts from the parking triangle at the Markstein and goes towards the Treh hostel below the road to Saint -Amarin. Arrived...


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