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Bicycle touring

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39 results

Bycicle tourism circuit 4 : Thur circuit

1500 m All day 100 Km
This route will allow you to follow a part of the river Thur. Before this, start along the Wine Route, with the Vosges mountain range on...

Bicycle tourism circuit: Plain and vineyard circuit

260 m 3h 46,8 Km
This circuit mainly follows the plain for a discovery of the landscapes of Alsace. You can admire the Vosges mountain from one side and, from afar,...

Bicycle tourism circuit: Guebwiller Buhl family loop

68 m 1h30 min 8,7 Km
This itinerary is suitable for everyone for exploring the Vallée du Florival, while avoiding major traffic routes for your safety. You will see...

Cycling climb : le Hilsen (Linthal)

610 m 1h 13 Km
From Guebwiller, warm up with a 9km cycle, before tackling the formidable Hilsen slope. From Linthal, you will have to climb 4km at an 11% average...

Bicycle tourism circuit: The Guebwiller area

493 m 3h 37 Km
This circuit mainly follows the plain for a discovery of the landscapes of Alsace. You can admire the Vosges mountain from one side and, the German...

Family circuit n°4 : Guebwiller, Soultzmatt, Issenheim

155 m 2h 22 Km
This tour will allow you to ride on the wine route near Guebwiller. You will pass through charming wine villages such as Bergholtz, Bergholtz-Zell...

Bicycle tourism circuit 15 : Munster, Hohrodberg, Le Linge, 3 Epis, Turckheim

1780 m All day 97 Km
The first part of the route is undulating; the first 45km will allow you to explore three mountain passes and to ascend at least 1300m. The...

Cycling climb : Domaine Langmatt (Murbach)

403 m 45 min 8,7 Km
Depart from Guebwiller, follow the direction of Murbach. Once at Murbach, go straight on towards the Domaine Langmatt Hotel to reach the top of La...

Bicycle tourism circuit 10 : Between vineyards and fields

270 m Half-day 52 Km
This relatively easy route lets you explore a part of the Alsatian plane, following at first the Vosges mountain range. Next, you will follow the...

Mountain bike tour: circuit of the plain

96 m 3h 19,7 Km
This circuit of less than 20 kilometres presents no particular difficulties. It is accessible to families with children of 6 to 7 years old and up...

Circuit de cyclotourisme: Boucle famille Guebwiller, Soultz, Hartmannswiller

110 m 2h 18 Km
Explore the heritage of the town of Guebwiller, with its three churches, and more. This ride will also take you to Soultz and Hartmannswiller....

Bicycle tourism circuit: Circuit of Col Amic

790 m Half-day 36,6 Km
The climb to the Amic pass takes you on a very pleasant route. Shady and little used with good quality surfacing, it guarantees an enjoyable climb...


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