Pays Rhin Vignoble Grand Ballon
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43 results

Walking tour: the Waldkapelle

220 m 1h30 min 4,5 Km
Pretty walk which offers you splendid views of Thann: Waldkapelle, Rangen cross, Rangen vineyard...

Circuit poussette : Autour du Bollenberg

30 m 45 min 1,7 Km Children (individuals), Families
The pleasure of strolling with your little ones! Take a walk with any type of stroller at the foot of the famous Bollenberg ...

Hiking tour: The tower of Wintzfelden

498 m Half-day 7,5 Km Families
This short hike does not present any particular difficulties. It starts on the hillside village of Wintzfelden and lead you down a path to RM5 where...

Pram circuit in Bergoltz and Bergholtz-Zell

63 m 1h45 5 Km Children (individuals), Families
The pleasure of walking with family or friends. This walk is accessible with a pushchair and allows you to enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the...

Family tour: walk around Thierenbach

70 m 1h45 4,6 Km Children (individuals)
Departure from the parking of the village hall of Wuenheim (to the church side). Turn left (rue St Gilles) then right (rue du Tir). Then the route...
Le Markstein

Snowshoeing circuit on the Markstein : Circuit of Trehkopf

173 m 2h30 min 5,315 Km Adults (individuals), Families, Groups
This 5.5 km circuit starting from the Markstein does not present any particular difficulties. It will allow you to reach the farm-inn of Treh and to...

Walking Tour: the Zimmermann Cross - Kohlschlag

350 m 2h30 min 6 Km
Discover the beautiful landscape that surrounds you during your walk departing from the Zimmermann cross to the Kohlschlag Farmhouse-inn, and come...

Hiking route: Wuenheim Wine Trail

61 m 2h 3,2 Km Families
Discover the know-how of the winegrowers and the work of the vine on the wine trail of Wuenheim. An educational trail, familiarizes you with the...

Circuit de randonnée : circuit du lac

283 m 3h 8 Km
Discover the landscapes of the Vosges massif on this lovely hike, which starts at Lac de la Lauch and takes you along the route des crêtes to...

Walking tour: Tour du Petit Ballon

2h30 min
This walk or snowshoe trek offers superb views all around the Petit Ballon. Alternating between wide paths and footpaths, the route passes through...

Stroller tour : The menhir walk

16 m 45 min 1,5 Km Children (individuals), Families
Discover the enchanting landscapes of the Val de Pâtre, the mysterious menhir and the magnificent Schaefferthal chapel!
Le Markstein

Introductory hiking trail to the snowshoe of the Markstein panoramic view

53 m 1h 1,5 Km Adults (individuals), Families, Groups
This is a short hiking trail (1.5 km), with a small difference in altitude / gradient (53m), which allows you to walk on snowshoes without...


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