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Randonnée famille : des rives de l'Ohmbach au Grossfels

100 m 2h30 min 6,2 Km Families

Hiking route: The small valley of Amic Col

386 m Half-day 8 Km
This hike is moderately difficult and relatively short. It is for most walkers who, if they have had a minimum of practice to walking, should find in...

Hiking route: Quarries of Bergholtz and Bergholtz-Zell

251 m 2h 7 Km Families
This relatively easy hike is suitable for children. You will alternate between vineyard and forest, with a discovery of the charming village of...

Hiking tour: The tower of Wintzfelden

498 m Half-day 7,5 Km Families
This short hike does not present any particular difficulties. It starts on the hillside village of Wintzfelden and lead you down a path to RM5 where...

Walking tour: Siehbeachle waterfall

330 m 1h45 4,5 Km
The village of Wattwiller, known for its water, offers you a nice walk to discover its waterfall.

Hiking route: Wuenheim Wine Trail

61 m 2h 3,2 Km Families
Discover the know-how of the winegrowers and the work of the vine on the wine trail of Wuenheim. An educational trail, familiarizes you with the...
Le Markstein

Introductory hiking trail to the snowshoe of the Markstein
panoramic view

53 m 1h 1,5 Km Adults (individuals), Families, Groups
This is a short hiking trail (1.5 km), with a small difference in altitude / gradient (53m), which allows you to walk on snowshoes without...

Walking tour: The Ladie's Way

360 m 2h30 min 5,3 Km
Hillside marked by the war, many vestiges still remain on this walk path, like the battlefield of the Hartmannswillerkopf - The Vieil-Armand.

Walking tour: The Albert rock

350 m 2h30 min 8 Km
Pleasant walk in the forest of the Grumbach valley which will end along the Thur banks.

Hiking trail of the Bollenberg
Panoramic view

145 m 2h 7,3 Km
This trail allows you to visit the Bollenberg by being guided through the vineyard. This area is known for its quality wine production. The signs are...

Walking tour: Discovery of the Silberthal valley

200 m 2h15 6,5 Km
Nestled in the Silberthal valley, Steinbach makes you discover its mining paths and pretty views.

Walking Tour: the Zimmermann Cross - Kohlschlag

350 m 2h30 min 6 Km
Discover the beautiful landscape that surrounds you during your walk departing from the Zimmermann cross to the Kohlschlag Farmhouse-inn, and come...


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