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Hiking tour: Grand Ballon panoramic tour

Durée moyenne 1h30 minDistance à parcourir 2,7 KmDénivelé positif 179 m Suitable for everyone


An easy stroll starting from the Grand Ballon parking lot which allows you to appreciate the superb landscapes of the Vosges summits without any particular difficulties.
>br> Directions:
Footpath: Panoramic tour of the Grand Ballon
1st milestone: Start / Departure
The departure begins on the right, behind the chalet - hotel to the "Grand Ballon" (follow the rectangle which has the colors red - white - red) You start now the descent towards "le Haag" along the route of the ridge.

2nd milestone: The Hague
Arrival at the farm. Now follow the red rectangle, left along - up the hill towards the grand ballon You are now using a small part of the famous "GR 5" track.
>br> 3rd milestone: Crossing of the Panorama Trail
You are now entering a very stony track on the slope of the grand ballon. Take the track to your left, towards the Monument of the Blue Devils (Monument DIABLES BLEU) and the top of the grand ballon (Sommet GRAND BALLOON). The red circle with white center serves as a signpost.
>br> 4th milestone: The monument of the blue devils "Monument des diables bleus"
When you reach the monument of the blue devils, keep to the right. Here begins the path towards the radar which is the white ball on the mountain that you should already see now. You can now enter the square in front of the radar or even walk around it and look at the breathtaking landscape from up there. Now go straight ahead and follow the path.
>br> 5th milestone: crossing of the summit hiking trail "circuit du sommet"
Now take the path towards the Chalet-Hotel to your left. Your signpost on this route is the blue circle with white center. You now have the opportunity to admire the wonderful lake of the balloon ("le Lac du Ballon").
>br> 6th milestone: Arrival at the parking lot
You have reached the end of the hiking trail and have earned your reward abundantly. Now you can choose between sweet and savoury, between a traditional blueberry cake ("tarte aux myrtilles") or even a traditional piece of cheese, the "Siasskass", and end your day relaxed as you watch the sunset.

Additional Information

Latitude 47.904709853422
Longitude 7.1032311418321
Balisage à suivre Club Vosgien rectangle rouge blanc rouge
Type de balisage Club vosgien
Altitude 1232 m
Type de chemin path
Lieu de départ Parking du Grand Ballon


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