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Circuit poussette : Autour du Bollenberg

Durée moyenne 45 minDistance à parcourir 1,7 KmDénivelé positif 30 m Easy


This circuit is accessible with prams for a family outing in the sunshine (don't forget your hats and umbrellas) in the heart of the Mediterranean micro-climate of Bollenberg (average rainfall is said to be 350 mm per year, the same as the rainfall of the calanques in Marseilles). A small family stroll for a close-up discovery of the heart of this exceptional vineyard!

Additional Information

Latitude 47.936223502936
Longitude 7.2396134709472
Type de balisage
Altitude 250 m
Type de chemin paved road
Gare la plus proche : MERXHEIM 8 Km
Lieu de départ Parking au pied du Bollenberg au bout de la Rue de l'Automne


  • Orschwihr

    Bollenberg Chapel

    "The Bollenberg is a hill of 363 meters high, made of Jurassic limestone and is situated between Rouffach, Orschwihr and Westhalten. Once a year, dur...

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