Pays Rhin Vignoble Grand Ballon
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Mountain bike tour: circuit of the plain

Durée moyenne 3hDistance à parcourir 19,7 KmDénivelé positif 96 m Intermediate


This circuit of less than 20 kilometres presents no particular difficulties. It is accessible to families with children of 6 to 7 years old and up and has the advantage of using a minimum of busy routes. This route is best made on a hybrid bike or MTB: it snakes between the fields, at times on dirt trails with the descent on bicycle.

Circuit 3: The plain at the foot of the Ballons 19.70 km. Departure and arrival at Guebwiller.
Suggested name: “Circuit de la plaine”
Departure from Guebwiller
Distance: 19.70 km
Accumulated altitude: 96m

Towns crossed: Guebwiller, Issenheim, Merxheim, Raedersheim.

Additional Information

Latitude 47.909216213739
Longitude 7.2110316838159
Type de balisage
Gare la plus proche : Merxheim


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