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Mountain bike route: Guebwiller - Voegtlingshoffen - Guebwiller

Durée moyenne Half-dayDistance à parcourir 45 KmDénivelé positif 1225 m Challenging


This 45 km circuit is made for trained mountainbikers. With 1225m of made uneven positive he(it) integrates(joins) some sports rises(ascents) of which the one on 150m between 15 and 20 %. Besides some passages on paths where the vigilance is rigorous this buckle(loop) does not require a big technical luggage. He allows you to discover largely the vineyard of Alsace between Guebwiller to the South and until Voegtlingshoffen in the North via(including) Guebwiller, Bergholtz, Orschwihr, Westhalten, Rouffach, Pfaffenheim, Voegtlingshoffen, Osenbach, Wintzfelden, Lautenbachet Buhl also at the end of route(course). Besides this plan makes you discover some patrimonial elements of our rich historic past.

Departure : Guebwiller - Hôtel de Ville
Towns crossed: Guebwiller, Bergholtz, Orschwihr,Westhalten, Rouffach, Pfaffenheim, Voegtlingshoffen, Osenbach, Wintzfelden, Lautenbach and Buhl

Additional Information

Latitude 47.909256949247
Longitude 7.2109915712144
Balisage à suivre Balisage Espace VTT FFC N°13 Bleu
Type de balisage Club vosgien
Altitude 280 m
Type de chemin dirt path path
Gare la plus proche : Bollwiller 8 Km
Lieu de départ Soultz / Wuenheim - Cave vinicole du Vieil-Armand


  • Jungholtz

    The Farm of the Monks

  • Jungholtz

    Hôtel-restaurant Biebler 'La Roseraie'

    The hotel has a wonderful garden with flowers. Sophisticated cooking. It is situated in Jungholtz, nice village at the beginning of the Rimbach Dale,...

  • Soultz Haut Rhin

    Hôtel & Spa Les Violettes

    Les Violettes Hotel and Spa in Jungholtz is located in a very tranquil setting, ideal if you want to sit back and relax. The 57 luxury rooms are sumpt...

  • Soultz Haut Rhin

    Vieil Armand Wine cellar

    The Wine Cellar of the Vieil Armand is situated at the south of the wine pad with a typical frame, where 110 winegrowers are reprsented on 130 ha of w...

  • Jungholtz

    Notre-Dame de Thierenbach

    The origins of this important pilgrimage center go back to 730. The priory dates from 1130. Our Lady of Thierenbach is superbly situated 2 km from Sou...

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